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Loncin will welcome the spring of private economic development with three big actions

Release Time:2018/9/30 11:12:37  Full Screen

On July 23, Chongqing held the municipal private economic development conference, which aroused hot discussion among many entrepreneurs in Chongqing.

 “This municipal private economic development conference is the key period of economic and social development in Chongqing. A landmark conference held this time is not only a conference with high standard and good response, but also a realistic and inspiring conference .” Tu Jianhua, Chairman of Chongqing Federation for Industry and Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Loncin Holding Co., Ltd., offered an outlook into what the conference can expect to the city’s private economic development with “the spring of the private economy is coming”.

Tu Jianhua said that it is the responsibility of private entrepreneurs in Chongqing to the country, society and employees to seize the great opportunities, establish the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era, speed up the pace of innovation, transformation and upgrading, prevent and resolve all kinds of risks, and strive to become the explorer and promoter of the city’s high-quality economic development. Loncin Holding, one of the representatives of Chongqing’s private enterprises, will welcome the “spring”" from three aspects and set an example for the high-quality new development of Chongqing’s private enterprises.

Firstly, Loncin Motor will continue to deepen cooperation with Germany’s BMW and Tsinghua University to achieve high-quality development through innovation. It will vigorously develop high-end manufacturing and build intelligent production lines, and achieve greater breakthroughs in the fields such as unmanned helicopters, general aviation power and new energy locomotives, etc.

Secondly, Loncin Cultural Tourism will be integrated into the city’s green economic development. Based on the two projects of Dongwenquan and North Slope of Jinfo Mountain, it will take the initiative to participate in eco-tourism, eco-health and other green economy, and continuously make new contributions to the city’s rural revitalization strategy and the whole region tourism.

Furthermore, USUM Investment Group, led by Loncin Holding, will devote itself to development of recycling economy, deep cultivation of environmental protection and utilization of renewable resources, and will fully rely on the advantages of Yangtze River Golden Waterway to develop green recycling industry, and explore a way to transform and develop traditional private manufacturing enterprises.

When doing a good job of his own enterprises to play a leading role as a model, Tu Jianhua said that Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce would take the initiative to dock, communicate and cooperate with relevant departments to form a strong working force, and will fully benefit 2.34 million private market entities from the policy dividend released by the private economic development conference. (According to the 3rd Edition of Chongqing Daily on July 24, People’s Daily, Xinhuanet and other media reports)