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New VOGE Brand of Loncin Motor Released to the World at the International Motorcycle Expo

Release Time:2018/9/30 11:11:45  Full Screen

On September 21, the 16th China International Motorcycle Expo was opened in Chongqing International Expo Center, and there were many manufacturers around the world. On this occasion, the high-end brand VOGE subordinate to Loncin Motor was released to the world. VOGE streetcar, sports cars, retro, pull and new energy series were on display. Among them, three major models VOGE500R, VOGE300AC and VOGE Baiyouling launched the world premiere.

Liu Guiping, Vice Mayor of Chongqing City, came to the booth of VOGE brand of Loncin Motor, and listened to the introduction to VOGE brand and vehicle models by Gao Yong, President and Chairman of Loncin Motor. The following people attended the VOGE brand release activity, including Li Bin, Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Motorcycle Branch, Zhang Hongbo, Secretary General of China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycle, Duan Baomin, General Manager of CCIC Western Testing Co., Ltd., Bao Tiecheng, Vice Director of Tianjin Motorcycle Quality Supervisory & Testing Institute, Gong Hui, Vice President of Loncin Industries Co., Ltd., and so on.

On the release conference, Gong Hui, Vice President of Loncin Industries Co., Ltd., interpreted the strategy, philosophy and vision of VOGE brand. He said that Loncin Motor has a responsibility for providing consumers with a new choice as consumption upgrades and sales of medium/high-end motorcycles rise rapidly, and VOGE brand with reverence has emerged as the times require.

On the motorcycle expo, VOGE brand of Loncin has received a lot of attention from the industry and from motorcycle enthusiasts and dealers from all over the world. Media of each major industry reported the grand occasion of brand release and gave detailed introduction to more than 20 models of five major motorcycle series.