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Loncin Holding Winning “AA+” Credit Rating

Release Time:2018/6/13 2:55:06  Full Screen

Recently, Loncin Holding Co., Ltd. received the “AA+” credit rating in 2018 comprehensive strength rating report issued by Pengyuan Credit Rating Co., Ltd. “AA+” credit represents strong survivability, broad development prospect, strong comprehensive strength, and stable and strong economic strength.

For a long time, Loncin has complied with the rules of policy, economy and market, operated enterprise in compliance, order and good faith, improved various systems, researched carefully, made decisions scientifically, been thoughtful and expanded the space for capital appreciation constantly to the maintenance and appreciation of shareholder’s investment, ensure the long-term maximization of shareholder’s interests, and achieve the management concept of “Reducing Risks, Priority to Benefit”. Loncin was keen to find and seize investment opportunities actively, operate steadily to ensure the investment quality and return. While improving the business performance constantly with high-quality development, Loncin has cultivated and improved the risk concept of “Seeking Steady Progress and Preventing Small Losses”. Loncin was positioned as a prudent investor, striving to obtain stable investment returns and enhance risk tolerance, tried to control risks, eliminate risks and seize the growth point of value to obtain the deserved return, established and improved a set of standard risk control and prevention mechanism, carried out the whole process monitoring of “Omni-directional, No Blind Area” to avoid the management risk.

In 2017, the main business of the Company showed a rapid growth, with revenue increasing by 107.9% year on year; net profit increasing by 48.58% year on year; assets scale increasing by 4.7% year on year; and net assets increasing by 5.6% year on year.

Comprehensive Strength Rating Definition

The comprehensive strength level is divided into three grades and five levels, and the symbol represents AAA, AA, A, B and C respectively.


AAA: strong survivability, very broad development prospect, and strong comprehensive strength


AA: strong survivability, broad development prospect, and strong comprehensive strength


A: strong survivability, certain development potential and strong comprehensive strength

B     B: Good survivability and development potential, general comprehensive strength

C     C: Hard to survive, weak comprehensive strength

With the exception of C, each credit rating can be fine-tuned with a “+” or “-“symbol, indicating slightly higher or slightly lower, but excluding AAA+.