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Mr. Tu Jianhua's Meeting with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr. Péter Szijjártó

Release Time:2017/5/31 3:01:34  Full Screen

        On May 16, at China-Hungary SME Cross-border Investment & Trade Cooperation Conference, Loncin Holding Co., Ltd. showed up as one of the companies representing Chongqing.
        At 9 AM, Mr. Tu Jianhua, Board Chairman of Loncin Holding and Mr. Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade met to exchange ideas about how to cooperate in the field of health spar tourism.
Mr. Tu praised Hungary's spa culture: "Hungary not only boasts numerous spas, but also is the first country to set a sustainable-development strategy for its spa industry. Your spa culture is well worth our learning and promotion."
        For centuries, Chongqing has been a city of spas; its world-famous "10 Spas in 5 locations" has become a fashionable and brilliant business card for Chongqing's tourism. So, Mr. Tu also introduced East Spa Town's spa resources and Loncin Cultural Tourism's development project: "In the 123 km2 land of East Spa Town, mountains, caves, woods and spas are interspersed densely, the quality and volume of spas there both rank the first among Chongqing's 4 major spa sites. At the centre of the town is Asia's only spa hot cave that deserves the title of a geographical wonder of the world. With 'Promoting harmony between man and nature' as the basic guiding principle, whole-region tourism as the strategic planning, and 'spa+' as its business mode, Loncin's East Spa Town cultural tourism project strives to build China's No.1 spa town."
         Mr. Péter Szijjártó was very interested in East Spa Town, and said Hungary has an advanced spa health care system which he hopes would be help to the cultural tourism development of East Spa Town, and to Loncin's effort to build China's No.1 spa town.
         In response, Mr. Tu said Loncin also hopes to establish long strategic cooperation with Hungary, and to introduce Hungary's advanced spa health care system to the project of East Spa Town cultural tourism to benefit all tourists there.