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Scholz's Visit to "Home"

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Scholz has come back "home"!

From May 16 to May 17, led by Qin Yongming, CEO of Chiho-Tiande Group, dozens of middle and high-ranking managerial members of Germany's Scholz Holding GmbH, a new member of Loncin's big family, experienced a memorable visit to "home".

In the 2 days, the "home visiting party", comprising 37 people, visited Loncin Motor, USUM Investment Group, Hanhua Financial Holding, Fumin Bank and Loncin Holding Co., Ltd., and had a friendly exchange of views with other people.

The new members were welcomed by the other members of Loncin Group, and had a zero-distance experience of and a strong sense of belonging to the big family of Loncin.

A journey home, tens of thousands kilometers long, brings together different cultures in Chongqing, and nurtures friendship and trust through exchange.

Loncin Motor---Drones received thumbs-up

At 10 AM of May 16, the 37 members of Scholz's "home visiting party" visited Section B of Loncin Motor.

There, they first visited the exhibition hall studded with Loncin Motor's prizes and awards. Although most of the party members are from Germany, a long-time industrial power in the world, they frequently marveled at Loncin's achievements in the manufacturing industry. But how can appreciating the honors alone satisfy these German friends? So, upon stepping out of the exhibition hall, the "home visiting party" immediately headed for the workshops for general purpose engines and magnesium products, to have an in-person experience of the industrial temperature there.

Without a pause, in the afternoon, the "home visiting party" visited the engine assembling workshop, motorcycle assembling workshop, plastic finishing line, BMW workshop and drone test flight field in Loncin Motor's Section C area. The visitors weren't fatigued by the tight itinerary, but were spirited by Loncin Motor's various types of precision instruments; many of them gave thrums-up to Loncin Motor's drones and said, "sehr gut (very good)"!

According to introduction by office workers of Loncin Motor, during the whole visit, what was most frequently spoken by the visitors from Scholz is "sehr gut", an expression forcefully affirmative although extremely concise; plus, the whole visiting party is composed of very seasoned members who are very clear about equipment and manufacturing process, as evidenced by their occasional questions.

USUM---Perfect performance to show the parent company

At 9:30 AM of May 17, the visitors reached headquarters of USUM Investment Group and attended its plenary staff meeting.

At the meeting, President Yang Hong of USUM Investment Group extended a warm welcome to the "home visiting party" and expressed his hope that USUM and Scholz would firmly unite to cooperate and further elevate USUM's stature by their joint efforts to build a leader of the world's industry of renewable resources.

Mr. Qin Yongming said that on the basis of making up the deficits and getting surpluses in Q1 of the year, USUM would further consolidate delicacy management and cultural integration, to offer satisfactory performance to the parent company as early as possible.

Scholz's COO expressed thanks to USUM and Chiho-Tiande for their help in Scholz's hardest period; his speech let all people of USUM feel the visiting party's perviousness to gratitude.

Hanhua---Applause for Hanhua's contribution to inclusive finance

At 11 AM, the "home visiting party" left USUM's headquarters building and reached Hanhua Financial Holding after 5 minutes' walk.

Guided by Chairman Zhang Guoxiang of Hanhua Financial Holding, the visiting party visited the office sites of Hanhua Financial Holding and Fumin Bank, and listened to the introduction to the situation of relevant industries. When hearing Hanhua Financial Holding's contribution to inclusive finance and Fumin Bank's status as western China's first private bank, members of the visiting party applauded and exclaimed "wonderful".

The accompanying workers of Hanhua still have a fresh memory of the visitors' curiosity: "They were very interested in China's culture and foods, and asked a lot about them, but they were also thinking about development of finance industry in China."

Holding---Enthusiastic and active attempt to communicate

After leaving Chongqing Fortune Financial Center, the visiting party reached the last stop of its home visit, Loncin Holding Co., Ltd.

Accompanied by Vice Chairman Tu Minghai of Loncin Holding Group, the visiting party experienced the good office atmosphere and the employees' high spirit on different floors of Loncin Holding Group's office building, which also won their positive remarks. At the seminar that followed, the attendees had a frank and happy exchange about future strategic development, layout of industrial entities, localized operation of the company and other topics.

Scholz's visitors expressed their sense of the support and care every minute from Loncin, and the openness and inclusiveness of Loncin's culture, which enhanced their confidence of development. At the tea break, many high-ranking members of Scholz showed their interest in the culture showcase outside the meeting venue; although not understanding Chinese texts, they praised the diversity of Loncin Holding's cultural products and the quality of Loncin's publications.

"Each of us is very curious about the big family of Loncin, and is very eagerly and actively trying to communicate," said an attendee of the tea break, at which almost no one of the visiting party was sitting idle, but was exchanging views with and asking the employees and leaders of Loncin Holding Group; even the attendants nearby were asked by them about how it feels to work in Loncin.

Before their departure, Scholz's visiting managerial members expressed that they firmly believe that under the strategic guidance of Loncin, they are able and wouldn't hesitate to assume the company's mission to build the industry of environment protection and renewable resources bigger and stronger.