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A Jointly Signed Proposal from Chongqing Delegation's 32 Deputies

Release Time:2017/5/9 3:51:15  Full Screen

    The Management of Four-wheel Low-Speed Electric Vehicle should be under the Category of Motorcycle

    Mr. Tu Jianhua, deputy to the NPC and Board Chairman of Loncin Holding and other 31 deputies from Chongqing Delegation submitted a jointly signed proposal for management of four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle under the category of motorcycle, to boost the development of this new industry. According to the proposal, this industry is one of China's few industrial clusters boasting superior product quality and conspicuous comprehensive advantages in the global segment market it belongs to. Deputy Tu Jianhua proposed that the industry of four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle is an excellent case for the supply-side reform, as it represents the need of users of bicycles and motorcycles for upgrading their transportation means, not a downgraded version of passenger vehicle.


     A New Boost to the Energy of the Industry of Renewable Resources




     During the NPC and CPPCC sessions, Mr. Tu Jianhua, deputy to the NPC and Vice Chairman of Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce said, "The government work report calls for reduction of cost with multiple means, that's very good for boosting the energy of relevant enterprises! ” Currently, rational use of renewable resources has become an important part of developed countries' environment protection industry, but its development in China is still at the stage of initial development; in particular, this industry is not entitled to input tax credit or any other specific tax incentives, its composite tax rate is nearly 20% and full VAT tax rate is 17%, which is too high even for the leading enterprises in this industry. So he proposed that the state consider more about this industry's nature of public well fare, and reduce its composite tax rate to under 10%, and nurture it into a pillar industry for job creation, environment protection and supply of raw materials."