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Forum on Fair Protection of Non-publicly Owned Economy Held

Release Time:2017/4/28 2:44:09  Full Screen

On Apr. 15, at the Forum on Fair Protection of Non-publicly Owned Economy hosted by Prosecutorial Daily and held in Chongqing, the delegates from The Supreme People's Procuratorate, the lowest-level people's procuratorates of 11 provinces, as well as the delegates from the business and academic communities had an in-depth exchange of views around the themes like "Requirements of Rule of Law during Non-publicly Owned Economy's Development", "Build a Good Rule-of-law Atmosphere and Environment for Sound Development of Non-publicly Owned Economy", etc.

Mr. Tu Jianhua, a delegate to the NPC and Board Chairman of Loncin Holdings Co., Ltd., pointed out that during their development, non-publicly owned enterprises require much concerning rule of law, so the state's judicial authorities and administrative law-enforcement authorities have much to do in terms of market rights and market order. At the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, it was proposed that China should perfect its property protection system with equity as its core principle. In the Opinions on Legally Guaranteeing and Promoting Sound Development of Non-publicly Owned Economy by Effective Play of Procuratorates' Functions released by The Supreme People's Procuratorate in March 2016, the measures to safeguard non-publicly owned economy's sound development were clearly set out, marking a big good deed with real effect by the procuratorial authorities to serve the non-publicly owned economy. It is desired that the procuratorial authorities will beef up their work to ensure these measures will be better implemented.

The delegates from the procuratorial authorities said that the procuratorial authorities can do much to fairly protect non-publicly owned economy's development. With respect to how to fairly protect and promote non-publicly owned economy's sound development, the procuratorial authorities can play their role in 5 aspects: firstly, full understanding of non-publicly owned economy's important position and effective strengthening of the activeness and sense of responsibility for safeguarding and promoting non-publicly owned economy's sound development; secondly, active performance of procuratorial duties to protect non-publicly owned enterprises' property rights and other legal rights and interests; thirdly, accurate differentiation between laws and policies to help boost building of a rule-of-law environment for business operation; fourthly, regularization of judicial acts to ensure organic coherence between the political, social and legal effect of handling of each case; fifthly, consolidation of guidance with publicity of news and public opinions to facilitate the work for protecting non-publicly owned economy's development.

(Extracted from on Apr. 16)