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Loncin Holdings Co., Ltd.'s Second-time Winning of Top Human Resources Management Awards

Release Time:2017/4/28 2:42:41  Full Screen

On Apr. 21, the awarding ceremony for Top Human Resources Management Awards 2017 was grandly held in Beijing, and Loncin Holdings, after its first winning of the honor in 2014, was granted this award for a second time.

This public appraisal event, initiated by 51job, China's largest HR service provider, had since its start selected among over 10,000 enterprises in China having made some achievements in human resources-related work, with the criteria being human resources' support to and cooperation with the enterprises' strategies, attraction and retention of excellent employees, employees' remuneration, percentage of the employees that have been promoted, organization development, building of corporate culture, management and nurturing of new-generation employees. Loncin Holdings, Chang'an Ford and Bank of Chongqing are the only Chongqing-based enterprises to win the title of Top Human Resources Management Awards 2017.

Since its establishment in 1983, through unremitting institutional innovation and reform, Loncin has kept perfecting its HR management system and pursuing a human-oriented management mode to carry out its HR strategy, which employs human resources' enhancement and growth as the essential driving force for development of Loncin's undertakings. As one of China's earliest private enterprises to introduce the system of modern professional manager, and Chongqing's first one to initiate the mechanism of stock right incentive, Loncin has built a human-oriented culture featuring respect to and nurturing of talented employees, and joint development of the enterprise and employees. Over 3 decades, Loncin's constantly-developing HR work has been effectively activating the employees' energy, and infusing exuberance into the enterprise's ongoing development. Today, Loncin has become a holding group with assets totaling nearly RMB 65 billion, about 25,000 employees, and diversified business in manufacturing, environment protection, finance, auto trading and other fields, with manufacturing as its basis, and industry and capital as 2 driving wheels.

Facing the future, Loncin Holdings will keep cultivation of its HR philosophy featuring virtues, abilities, accountability and achievements to further elevate its HR management level, to innovatively develop an HR management mode with Loncin's characteristics, and to become China's leading investment holding group.