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A New Chapter for Loncin Enterprises Launched with Long March Spirit

Release Time:2017/3/24 3:25:12  Full Screen

“Loncin’s New Long March – Loncin Holding New Year’s Gala for 2017” Presented with A Grand Opening

As the new year drew close, Loncin had been in its effort of initiating a new long march.

On January 6, “Loncin’s New Long March – Loncin Holding New Year’s Gala for 2017” was presented with a grand opening. Mr. Tu Jianhua, founder of Loncin Undertakings and board chairman of Loncin Holding, joined in a discussion with a gathering of nearly 400 people consisting of executives of Loncin Holding and other Loncin companies, officials, distinguished guests and friends from all walks of the society who paid attention and support to the development of Loncin Undertakings. 

Mr. Tu Jianhua delivered a new year speech, stressing that Loncin was celebrating the new year as new long marchers, which embodied our unwavering mind and determination to succeed in spite of obstacles and difficulties.  

New, could be interpreted as the new chapter Loncin opened up under the complicated economic circumstances home and abroad in 2016. Mr. Tu Jianhua pointed out that Loncin, despite the complication of domestic and international economic situations and the pressure of a declining global economy, managed to achieve satisfaction by understanding the trend of various industries, breaking away from the restraints of old structure, creating an innovative structure, and prioritizing improvement of managerial capability. The achievements included: 1. Accelerating the development of main business by meeting clients’ demand and structuring a superior industry chain; 2. Promoting industry innovation by meeting market’s demand, organizing resources and focusing on quality efficiency; 3. Facilitating international strategy and industry structure of Loncin by integrating international resources; 4. Establishing the mindset of “Talent is the top drive for upgrading and development of the enterprise” by valuing talents on a human-oriented basis; 5. Demonstrating the quality of Loncin brand by adhering to responsibilities and culture of the enterprise.        

New, could be embodied in the new opportunities for Loncin on a broader stage of development. Mr. Tu Jianhua indicated the opportunities and hope that would come along with a new year. “One Belt One Road” Initiative, Yangtze River Economic Belt Initiative, and the Strategy of Constructing Five Functional Zones in Chongqing all provided a larger space for private enterprises in Chongqing to flourish. We should ride the trend with the governmental support and ensure a steady development by following Loncin’s three major strategies of “getting international, leading the industry, and innovating management”. Mr. Tu Jianhua raised four hopes for Year 2017: 1. Staying alert and optimizing the enterprise by filtrating goals in the declining economy; 2. Updating planning and analysis of the industry and preparing ourselves with a new perspective; 3. Attracting talents for Loncin with an open mind and developing values; 4. Establishing a modern management system and improving management level. “I believe we can open up a new chapter for Loncin Enterprises and achieve yet another success on the course of realizing Dream of Loncin after overcoming all difficulties, as long as the 25 thousand of us are open to challenging ourselves, to becoming better, to fulfilling our duties and to bravely innovating.” 

New, could be also represented in the performances and shows put on by employees in the Loncin Holding New Year’s Gala, whose theme was “Loncin’s New Long March”. Dancing in the First Dream, a contemporary dance presented by Loncin Motor was telling the faith Loncin have in the “first dream”. Youth in Singing and Dancing, a dance show contributed by Hanhua Financial Holding showed how we should fight for a better future “in our prime youth”. Jinling Auto mixed some folk songs from its newly explored market in an effort of praising how they worked in the long march. Loncin Holding and other Loncin companies recited in a joint poem reciting show Loncin Avenue, expressing their resolution and resilience in the new long march initiated for the big Loncin family.

 “Loncin’s New Long March” New Year’s Gala came to an end in a fervent and inspiring atmosphere. However, the new Long March for Loncin just started, its people marching on with unprecedented determination.