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Loncin Holding High-potential Reserve Talents Training Program---Longteng Plan Starting

Release Time:2017/11/16 2:36:01  Full Screen

Mr. Tu Jianhua, Founder of Loncin Business and Chairman of the Board of Loncin Holding Co., Ltd., has emphasized introducing, discovering and employing talents, and optimizing kinds of management teams at each level continuously to solve the problem of development for several times. Under the guidance of talent concept of Mr. Tu Jianhua, Loncin Holding has developed a series of talent introduction and cultivation work. On November 3, 2017, Loncin Holding High-potential Reserve Talents Training Program---Longteng Plan which was sponsored by Human Resources Department was officially started.

Initial Opening Ceremony of Longteng Plan was held in the meeting room at 6F of Loncin Holding. More than 40 persons attended the Opening Ceremony, including Yuan Lei, President of Loncin Holding Co., Ltd., Li Linhui, Vice President and Legal Counsel, Liang Bing, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Fan Shiyong, Vice President, He Fangzi, Secretary of the Party Committee, Duan Xiaohua, Assistant to President and Chief Financial Officer, An Ning, Assistant to President and Chief Capital Management Officer, relevant department heads of Holding Headquarters, Cultural Tourism Company and Loncin Property, students of initial phase of Longteng Plan, and backbone employees. Yang Jin, General Manager of Human Resources Department, presided over the Opening Ceremony.

In the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Yuan Lei proposed three expectations to the students of initial phase of Longteng Plan: 1. Breadth. The students shall grasp the trend of era, and train strategy, commerce, finance and team thought to become the versatile talent with all-round business thought required by Loncin; 2. Depth. The students shall actively think in combination with the work in the field, grasp the core and essence of specialty, learn something to meet practical needs, and enrich knowledge constantly to meet bigger challenges; 3. Heat. Each student in the collective shall be a positive energy body to burn himself and give light to others. He hopes that the students can learn from each other, communicate with each other, warm each other and grow together. He expects that the students can study hard, and graduate satisfactorily to work with full enthusiasm and make bigger contributions to new development of Loncin.

Mr. Yuan Lei also brought “The First Lesson of Opening” Loncin Strategic Decoding and Strategic Planning Methodology to the participants, explained and unscrambled key words such as “New Industry-Finance Combination”, “Comprehensive Finance”, “Great Wealth Management”, “Financial Real Estate”, “Big Health”, “Artificial Intelligence and High-end Manufacturing”, “Internationalization”, and “Customer-oriented C2C”, and proposed a series of strategic thoughts with profound instructiveness.

Vice President Liang Bing introduced the genesis for Longteng Plan and important significance to future development of company. Mr. Liang Bing pointed out that Longteng Plan aims to build a high-potential reserve talent echelon which can conform to Loncin values, have Loncin quality, understand quickly and support effectively the development strategy of Loncin to ensure that our company has continuous and healthy talent chain. 

From the afternoon of November 3 to Nov 4, Longteng Plan developed collective training in Dongwenquan Sanfengquan Hotel. The courses were divided into the following themes such as culture and social responsibility, management and leadership, team activity, etc. , and included Seven Habits of Efficient People, Loncin History and Culture, and so on. The students acquired knowledge, learned culture, opened thought and trained new thought in the interactive, enthusiastic and interesting atmosphere.

Then, Longteng Plan also arranged the courses relating to corporate strategy, management and operation, and organized empathic learning to the world’s well-known enterprises to converge new growth power for construction of Loncin talent echelon.