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Talent Concept



It is the guarantee of development, is the important foundation for LONCIN 30 years high speed growth, LONCIN will be the introduction of professional, high-quality talent as a kind of investment behavior is the highest rate of return. We regard talent as as the first resources for effective management, the pursuit of personal development and the development of enterprises a high degree of harmony and unity.我们的人才评价标准

talent evaluation of our standard

As a professional, responsible, innovative, -- for professionals;

As the talent -- mission, bear, innovation, management achievements.隆鑫人的核心价值观

The core value of LONCIN's view of human

Based on the "individual, enterprise, society, environment interaction and sustainable development" system thinking and planning, we established the "faithfulness, dedication and innovation" as the core values of the enterprise, it is LONCIN in the core value of long-term development of enterprises formed in view of LONCIN, is one common ideals and beliefs and norms of behavior LONCIN, is the ideological foundation of unity and struggle.正心

● is heart先做人。做人,首在正心。隆鑫人做事,强调心气要正,要常怀光明之心、坦荡之心、希望之心、感恩之心。心正方能人正,人正才会使力量用对地方。

Do prior life. Man, the first in the heart. LONCIN people, emphasizing the heart to it, to keep the heart of light, open heart, hope, the heart of thanksgiving. The heart Affirmative Homo habilis is, people will make use of local power.诚意


You have to specifically, to treat people sincerely. Success in undivided attention, people accumulated in sincerity and honesty. People who work with LONCIN will focus, intentnesses; on colleagues, customers, partners, to the social purpose sincerity, commitment.敬业


Respect for self occupation, skilled occupation skill, strictly abide by the occupation morals, make every attempt to do my job well. At the same time, stand on solid ground to do the occupation career design their own, to seek their own development in enterprise development.创新


Open thinking, relax the horizon, cultivating the ability of innovation, and actively seek a breakthrough, efforts to find, in their career field invention, be creative, forward.我们需求的人才类型:

The type of talent we need:


Around the LONCIN holdings create the future "internationalization, industry leading, management innovation" three strategic, companies adhering to the "gathering strength, create value" mission, the following three categories of talent demand:投资类人才:具备丰富的项目投资经验,熟悉投资项目获取、投资分析与评估、尽职调查、交易设计、商务谈判等投资业务。

Investment professionals: have rich experience in project investment, investment projects, investment to get familiar with the analysis and evaluation, due diligence, transaction design, business negotiation, investment business.

融资类人才:具备丰富的融资资源和创新融资模式、渠道经验。Financing talent: with abundant financing resources and financing mode innovation, channel experience.

复合管理类人才:具备跨行业、跨职能、跨业务领域、跨文化管理经验的综合管理人才。Personnel management: with the compound cross industry, cross functional, cross business, cross culture management experience of comprehensive management talent.